Dip. Postgraduate in UK Employment Law
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UK Employment Law, Postgraduate Course, Leading to Diploma - Postgraduate - in UK Employment Law, Double-Credit, 60 Credit-Hours, Accumulating to A Postgraduate Certificate, with 120 additional Credit-Hours, a Postgraduate Diploma, with 300 additional Credit-Hours. Click To View & Download its Brochure.

Doctor of Philosophy {(PhD) {University College London (UCL) - University of London)};

MEd Management (University of Bath);

Postgraduate (Advanced) Diploma Science Teacher Ed. (University of Bristol);

Postgraduate Certificate in Information Systems (University of West London, formerly Thames Valley University);

Diploma in Doctoral Research Supervision, (University of Wolverhampton);

Teaching Certificate;

Fellow of the Institute of Management Specialists;

Human Resources Specialist, of the Institute of Management Specialists;

Member of the Asian Academy of Management (MAAM);

Member of the International Society of Gesture Studies (MISGS);

Member of the Standing Council for Organisational Symbolism (MSCOS);

Member of ResearchGate;

Executive Member of Academy of Management (AOM). There, his contribution incorporates the judging of competitions, review of journal articles, and guiding the development of conference papers. He also contributes to the Disciplines of:

Human Resources;

Organization and Management Theory;

Organization Development and Change;

Research Methods;

Conflict Management;

Organizational Behavior;

Management Consulting;

Gender & Diversity in Organizations; and

Critical Management Studies.

Professor Dr. Crawford has been an Academic in the following UK Universities:

University of London (Royal Holloway), as Research Tutor;

University of Greenwich (Business School), as Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management;

University of Wolverhampton, (Wolverhampton Business School), as Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management;

London Southbank University (Business School), as Lecturer and Unit Leader.

His responsibilities in these roles included:

Doctoral Research Supervisor;

Admissions Tutor;

Postgraduate and Undergraduate Dissertation Supervisor;

Programme Leader;

Personal Tutor

He was formerly an Expatriate at:

Ministry of Education, Sokoto, Nigeria;

Ministry of Science and Technical Education, Sokoto, Nigeria;

University of Sokoto, Nigeria;

College of Education, Sokoto, Nigeria; and

Former Editor-In-Chief of ‘Sokoto Journal of Education’.

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Continuous snacks throughout the Event Days;  

Hot Lunch on Event Days;                           

City Tour;             


On-site Internet Access;

Postgraduate Diploma; Postgraduate Certificate; Diploma – Postgraduate; or

Certificate of Attendance and Participation – if unsuccessful on resit.

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Leather Conference Folder;

Leather Conference Ring Binder/ Writing Pad;

Key Ring/ Chain;

Leather Conference (Computer – Phone) Bag – Black or Brown;

8-16 GB USB Flash Memory Drive, with Course Material;

Branded Metal Pen;

Branded Polo Shirt.; &

Branded Carrier Bag.

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Target Audience Graphics for Diploma – Postgraduate – Short Course.

Human Resource Professionals;

Employment Attorney;

Associate General Counsel, Labour and Employment;

Labour Relations Representative;

Director, Internal Investigations;

Policy Adviser – Foreign and Security Policy;

Regulatory Affairs Specialist;

Contracts Specialist;

Director of Associate Relations;

Compliance and Corporate Governance Attorney;

Compliance Officer;

Corporate Attorney;

Others who have an interest in UK Employment Law.

Graphics Header For Course Objectives of Diploma Postgraduate Short Course

By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, delegates will be able to:

Define the bases of the ‘employer-employee relationship;’

Determine the purpose, components and parameters of the UK employment law;

Illustrate the key provisions of the Employment Act 2002;

Explain the role of the Employment Act 2002 and its Statutory Instrument 2004, in averting ‘employer-employee repudiation;’

Identify some of the key issues of the Employment Relations Act 2004 and their positive and negative effects on their organisational relations;

Draw on The Race Relations Act 1976, The Race Relations Amendment act 2006, The Race Relations Act 1976 - Statutory Duties Order 2001, The Disability Discrimination Act 1995, The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 - Amendments Regulations 2003, The Equal Pay Act 1970, The Equal Pay (Amendment) Regulations 1983, and related Acts and Statutory Instruments, to formulate a legally enshrined Employment Policy;

Develop Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure which incorporates the statutory minimum requirements;

Distinguish between instant dismissal and summary dismissal, indicating which levels and type of employee behaviour that might warrant  ‘on the spot dismissal’ that are likely to be upheld by an Employment Tribunal;

Demonstrate a heightened awareness of the functions, organisation and conduct of UK Employment Tribunal;

List the statutory information requirement for new employees and their timescale;

Draw on employment tribunal, employment appeals tribunal and High Court cases in their explanation of ‘Frustration of Contract;’

Use case laws to formulate   a ‘Standing Plan’ which will highlight areas in the employment contract where the issue of frustration of contract can be construed with a high probability of being legally supported;

Illustrate the fundamental issues that need to be covered by an employment contract;

Exhibit an understanding of the value of employees as their organisations’ Intellectual Property;

Suggest ways by which their organisations intellectual property might be legally exploited;

Explain how an organisation might protect its intellectual property;

Use case laws to determine the issues that determine which copyright an organisation or its employee might own;

Formulate an organisational policy that protects its intellectual capital, whilst allowing ‘Intellectual Property Rights Law’ to remain un-infringed;

Demonstrate an understanding of the Copyright Design and Patent Act 1988an how these protect an organisational inventions and emblems;

Suggest the organisations position in relation to research and development on the one hand, and intellectual property rights on the other;

Demonstrate an understanding of the legal bases of ‘reverse engineering’ and the extent to which it might be a copyright infringement;

Explain the steps that will be able to take to avert, reduce and detect industrial sabotage;

Explain the steps that will be able to take to avert, reduce and detect industrial espionage; and

Determine the legal bases of industrial espionage as theft and ‘Grand Larceny’.

Graphics Notice About the Contents of Diploma – Postgraduate – in Employment Law.

Graphics Header For Postgraduate. Course Contents, Concepts, & Issues.

Graphics for HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute’s Outline of Diploma – Postgraduate - Course Contents, Concepts, and Issues

Part 1A: UK Employment Law and Its Sources

Part 1B: Establishing Employer-Employee Relationship (1)

Part 2: Establishing Employer-Employee Relationship (2)

Part 3: Equality and Anti-Discrimination in Employment

Part 4: Union Representation, Harassment and Disciplinary Procedure

Part 5: Family Related Leave Provisions

Part 6: Dismissal, Transfer and Redundancy In Employment

Part 7: Grievance At Work: Arbitration, Courts, Employment Tribunals, Jurisdiction and Operation

Part 8: Employment Law Update: Keeping Abreast of Legislative Changes

Part 9: Other Pertinent Employment Related Issues.


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