General Diploma: Access To PG Diploma; PG Cert Dip PG; In-Venues & Online
Information Graphics for HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute.
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Graphics introducing HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute’s General Diploma, as Access t0 our Postgraduate Programmes Courses.

Unlock New Opportunities for Personal, Academic, and Professional Advancement, with our General Diploma Programme.

As a Postgraduate Institution, we admit applicants with at least an Undergraduate (First) Degree or its equivalent. This situation is most restrictive to many without the requisite qualifications but who desire the Personal, Academic and Professional Advancement that a Postgraduate Qualification brings. However, in response to popular demand, we are launching a General Diploma, as an Access to our Postgraduate Programmes and Courses. The Programme covers a variety of Subjects, equipping participants with the knowledge, skills, and aptitude needed to excel at Postgraduate Level. With a Value of 360 Credit-Hours, it lasts 12 weeks In-Venues (5 days weekly). Its Online Version lasts 25 weeks at 3 hrs per day, 5 days weekly; or 20 weeks, 3 hours daily, 6 days weekly.
Our General Diploma can bridge the gap for those without the required qualifications, Enhancing the Prospect for Advanced Education and Accelerated Career Growth.
** For a Limited Time, All Self-Sponsored Online Students qualify for an Incredible 90% Scholarship Discount **.
**Please note that we will need  to assess your suitability for this Programme**.
If you are interested in this programme, you can demonstrate it, here, or by sending us a message or engaging with us through:
·         Email to:; or;
·         WhatsApp Message to: +44 7736 147 507 or +44 7586 676 208;
·         Telephone: +44 1902 763 607; or +44 20 8133 2760;
·         Skype: hrodcltdpgti4Facebook:

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