Course Discount: 86% Discount on Residential Courses, in Bangkok, Bucharest, Durban, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, & Manila, inc. Diploma – Postgraduate, Double-Credit, 60 Credit-Hours, Stationery, Airport Transfer, City and Attractions Tour, Hotel Accommodation, Breakfast, Snack, Hot Lunch, Dinner; Our Institute’s Branded Products inc. 8-16 GB USB Drive, Polo Shirt, Metal Pen, Carrier Bag. 30% Discount, on Video-Enhanced PG Courses. Courses inc. HRM; Property Law; Financial Risk Man; Travel & Protocol; Events Man; Accounting; Finance; Anti-Dumping; Anti-Subsidy; Training Needs Analysis; Organizational Design: Structuring; Employment Law; Consumer Law; Legal HR Support; Client Care; Research; Petroleum – Oil & Gas – Accounting; Upstream Oil & Gas Operation & Contracts; Executive Management; Time Man; Diversity; Project; Leadership; Bus Admin; Teams.

Postgraduate Short Course Discount Offer 3: Discount on Online Postgraduate Diploma Courses; Discount on Online Postgraduate Short Courses - Click to Download the PDF Brochure for This Offer

We offer 30% discount, for 3 or more participants to any Video-Enhanced Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Short Course. Please note that these courses have already been discounted by 33%, in our pricing structure. This additional discount brings the total level to more than 53%. The cost of three people, on a Video-Enhanced Online Course, lasting 10 Days (3 hours per day), is £7,035, instead of £10,050, representing the normal cost.

Courses might also be taken through our Video-Enhanced On-Line mode, which is the same as being in a classroom – but virtually.

a)  This Video-Enhanced Online mode of delivery is Revolutionary and currently unique to HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute.

b)  The tutor will meet the group on Video and present the course, in the same way as though in a classroom.

c)  All participants will be able to see and interact with each other, and with the tutor.

d)  They will watch and discuss the various video cases and demonstration videos that form an integral part of our courses.

e)  Their assessment is structured in the same way as it is done in a classroom setting.

f)     The Video-Enhanced On-Line mode of training usually starts on the 1st of each month, with the cut-off date being the 20th of each month, for inclusion the following month.

g)  It will last twice as long as the classroom-based deliveries. For example, a 5-days (30 Credit Hours) classroom-based course will last 10 days, in Video-Enhanced On-Line mode. This calculation is based on 3 hours tuition per day, making the Institute’s required 30 Credit Hours

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Group Residential Postgraduate Short Course Discount Offers;

£50,000.00 for 20 Participants to an Intensive, but Condensed,10-Day Course;

Small Group Postgraduate Course Discount Offers

Postgraduate Short Course Discount Offer 1: Residential Discount Courses in Bangkok Bucharest Durban Hanoi Jakarta Kuala Lumpur Manila - Click For PDF Brochure

86% Discount on Group Residential Postgraduate Short Courses, with Course Fees, Accommodation and Meals Included.

Up To 15 Delegates Free, With 5 Fee-Paying Ones, with Free Accommodation and Meals, etc., to a Double-Credit Residential Postgraduate Short Course, in:






Kuala Lumpur; or


All 20 Delegates will enjoy the following:

Intensive Workshop, Leading to a Diploma - Postgraduate (Double-Credit); or Certificate of Attendance and Participation – if unsuccessful, on resit;


2-Way Airport Transfer;

4-Hour City and Attractions Tour;

Inclusive Hotel Accommodation (Based on Two People Per Room);

Morning Breakfasts;

Morning and Afternoon Snacks, during the Workshop;

Hot Lunch during the Workshop;

Dinner for the Duration of the Hotel Accommodation;

Our Institute’s Branded 8-16 GB USB Drive, with Electronic Presentations, Pictures, Videos, etc.;

Our Institute’s Branded Polo Shirt;

Our Institute’s Branded Metal Pen;

Our Institute’s Branded Carrier Bag.

A Condensed, Intensive Ten-Day Course costs Fifty Thousand Pounds (GB£50,000.00) for twenty participants, while a Twelve-Day Course costs Sixty Thousand Pounds (GB£60,000.00) for twenty participants

**Please note that these courses do not run their normal duration, because they are condensed and made intensive, for the Residential Deliveries. A ten-day normal delivery course will be condensed into a 6-Day face-to-face meeting, amounting to 42 Credit-Hours, with the additional Credit-Hours being achieved through individual and group work. Engineering and Technical Courses are excluded from these Offers. **


Postgraduate Short Course Discount Offer 2: Discount Courses in London Dubai Paris Amsterdam, Brussels, Bangkok, Bucharest, Durban, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Manila - Click For PDF Brochure

Up To 50% Discount, Hotel Accommodation and Meals, For Small Groups, on Postgraduate Short Courses

 For Smaller Groups, we offer:

50% Discount for 4 or more Delegates attending the same, Double-Credit (two weeks) or longer, Postgraduate Short Course, together; 33.3% Discount for 3 Delegates attending the same, Double-Credit (two weeks) or longer, Postgraduate Short Course, together.

Effectively, we are charging for only two people to attend a course and you might send up to 4, at no extra cost. In addition, if the course is taken in the following locations, delegates will receive free hotel accommodation and meals:






Kuala Lumpur; or


**Please note that Hotel Accommodation is based on two same-gender individuals sharing a bedroom**


Discount on Short Courses of 4 Weeks or Longer

There is a 5% Discount on Short Courses of 4 weeks or longer, irrespective of their location. Hotel Accommodation is not included in this offer.

*** Please note that all Discount-Offers are Time-Limited, and might be changed or withdrawn, without prior notice, at any time. ***