Service Contract: Details, Delivery, Terms, Conditions
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Service Contract

Between HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute and its Service Client

Section 1: Contract Initiation

A Contract for the Provision of Service is hereby instituted between HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute (hereafter referred to as the 1st Party) and its Service Recipient (hereinafter referred to as the 2nd Party).


Whereas the 1st Party is contracted to provide a Service, as specified below, the 2nd Party undertakes to avail the person or persons whom he/ she/ they/ it nominate/s to receive such service. The delivery and receipt of such service, shall be bound by the Terms and Conditions (Clause 4) and as established in Clauses 2 and 3, being Legally Bound (in Clause 6), below.


Section 2: Service Details

The Service details provided below, represents that which the 1st Party will provide the 2nd Party, for a fee established in the relevant Invoice or Invoices.


The 1st Party will provide the 2nd Party with Training and, or, Consultancy Service in the area specified in the latter's Application or Purchase Order. The delivery of the Consultancy Service will incorporate one, more or all of face-to-face discussions, workshops, simulations, role-play, video case studies, text-based case studies, site visits, questions and answers, telephone discussions, video-conferences, and any other Developmental Modes deemed necessary by the 1st Party, to facilitate the Effective Delivery of the Consultancy Service to the 2nd Party.  


Section 3: Service Delivery Point

'Service Delivery Point' refers to the Location (Country and City or Locality) representing the main point of contact between the 1st Party and the 2nd Party, for the purpose of facilitating the provision of the Consultancy Service.  Service Delivery Point might, however, incorporate two or more Locations. Where a Location represents the Domicile of the 2nd Party, distinction will be made between In-house/ In-company and Off-site Consultancy.

The Consultancy Service being agreed by the 1st Party and the 2nd Party, respectively, will be delivered in a Specified Location as the main base within that Location. This Location will be the sole or one of multiple Locations, for the Service Delivery in this Contract. Where the Specified Location cannot be facilitated, then the relevant Clause of Section 4, below, will apply.


Section 4: Contract Terms and Conditions

This Clause Spells out the Responsibilities and Obligations of the 1st Party and 2nd Party, Respectively, in the Facilitation and Availing of the Facilitation of the Specified Service Provision.


Clause 4a: Second Party Cancellation

2nd Party Cancellations of Consultancy Service must be made in writing (by fax, e-mail or post) but may be subject to a surcharge. If the 1st  Party receives a notice of cancellation by 29 days before the seminar or course is scheduled to take place, or consultancy activity is scheduled to begin, a registration fee and any additional administrative costs are payable by the 2nd Party, to the 1st Party. In the case of courses or seminars, a five hundred Pounds (£500.00) registration fee per delegate is payable. A 10% administration fee is payable for consultancy or in-house training, based on the total cost of these activities. If cancellation notice is received between 28 and 15 days before, a charge of 50% surcharge is payable for Training and 20% for On-Site Consultancy Activity. 


Any Cancellation received less than 15 days before the seminar, or consultancy activity, will incur the full or 100% of the established cost. There can be no cancellation of research paper orders. Pre-designed training packs cannot be cancelled, once they have been dispatched. The 50% payment due on order of customised training packs cannot be redeemed, the 1st Party holding this amount in forfeit, following the breach of contract by the 2nd Party. Additional payments that are due will be based on a sliding scale from expected delivery date to the date of cancellation.


Where the 2nd Party Cancellation of Consultancy Service occurs and airfares and, or, hotel accommodation are/ is involved, the 2nd Part shall be liable for the payment of the unredeemable elements - whole or part - of the amount paid or due to be paid for these services.


Clause 4b: 2nd Party Cancellation, Consequent to Extenuating Circumstances

If a 2nd Party Recipient experiences extenuating circumstances, such as Flight Delay or Cancellation, Personal or Family Tragedy, the production of the relevant documentary evidence will result in the issuance of a Credit Note for the remaining amount, after the application of a five hundred Pounds (£500.00) administration charge per recipient. The Credit Note will be applicable towards the cost of a similar or alternative scheduled course and will have a Validity of ninety (90) days and is 'Un-cashable'.


Clause 4c: 2nd Party's Entry Visa Denial

Where the Entry Visa of the 2nd Party to enter a particular country has been denied, the 1st Party shall relocate the consultancy activity in another country, to meet the scheduled delivery date or as soon afterwards as possible. The most important factor in this alternative location, is the securing of at least one additional recipient – as an economic measure. After 3 Visa Denials to different Countries or Regions (e.g. Europe), arrangement will be made to deliver the consultancy service in the Domicile of the 2nd Party. Where an alternative location has to be used, the 2nd Party will make no additional payments, with the 1st Party meeting all additional expenses.


Clause 4d: 1st Party's Postponement of Consultancy Activities

While maximum efforts are made to deliver all the Consultancy Activities as scheduled, there might be occasions where postponement might be necessary. The 1st Party, therefore, exercises the right to postpone Consultancy Activities, where it deems it uneconomic or logistically unfeasible to hold them. The reasons might relate to problems with venue availability, immigration restriction or the unavailability of Qualified Consultants. Where postponements are unavoidable, the 2nd Party will be asked to avail of the Consultancy Activity rescheduled for the same or alternative location, nationally or internationally. While 1st Party will make all efforts to ensure that the 2nd Party is notified of any postponement as well in advance as possible, there might be occasions where a short notice will have to be given.


It is in order to avoid the associated inconvenience, therefore, that the 2nd Party is asked to provide the 1st Party with in-country, roaming and travel mobile phone numbers, as early as these are known, so as to avert any associated inconvenience.


Notice of postponement of in-house Consultancy Activities will be given at least one week before they are scheduled to take place but a shorter periods of notices might be given in exceptional circumstances. Where postponement of these activities is necessary, the 1st Party and 2nd Party will decide on a mutually convenient rescheduled date.


Clause 4e: Service Fee, Payment, and Protocol

The Commitment of the 2nd Party to a Consultancy Activity and agreement with the costs, fixed or negotiated, established by the 1st Party, is reflected in the associated Invoice, representing a commitment to pay the stipulated amount for the services of the 1st Party.   


The 2nd Party is expected to settle the stipulated fee, represented in the associated Invoice, at least five (5) weeks in advance of the Contracted Consultancy Activity. Exception is made for engagements formalised within a period that is less than five weeks before the commencement of the Service that the 1st Party will provide. In this case, Invoice settlement will be expected at the earliest possible date before the commencement of the Consultancy Activity. Specific Payment details, produced by the 1st Party, are included in all Invoices.


Modern Protocol would suggest that where the Consultancy Activity is in-house or on-site the 2nd Party affords the 1st Party the honour of the provision of refreshments and a hot lunch, while in the 'Care' of the 2nd party. These courtesies will be reciprocated by the 1st Party to the 2nd Party, during Consultancy Activities off-site in latter's Domiciled Location or in a Foreign Location. Other inclusions will be at the discretion, or special request, of the 1st Party and 2nd Party, respectively.


Clause 4f: Service Delivery Period

The established Delivery Date for this Service Delivery will be specified in the written, signed contract. This period can be modified with the mutual consent of both parties or as dictated by the events stipulated in Clauses 4a, 4b, 4c, and 4d, above.


Clause 5: Filming and Photographing

As an educational institution, we make extensive use of films and photographs in our course delivery and promotion. These activities extend to films and photographs of our students and delegates, in attendance at our programmes and course deliveries, respectively, during the actual lectures, discussions, workshops, presentations, etc. Award Presentations are routinely filmed and students and delegate comments recorded.


These film and photographs, having been taken by us, will be used in subsequent deliveries, and promotions. Some will be placed on our websites, promotional sites, Social Media Portals, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, among others, and on-line training, etc.


Any student or delegate who does not wish to be filmed or photographed, should inform us, in writing, at least three days before the event, or inform the tutor or or seminar assistant on the first day of the programme or course, but before the actual start, of the event.  


Clause 6: Signatures

The signatures, will be appended, below, as an attestation that the 1st Party and 2nd Party, Respectively, have freely entered into a Legally Binding Contract, for the provision of service, as specified in Section 4, Clauses 4a to 4e, above.  Irrespective of the absence of a documentary signature, it will be assumed that our client has read this Service Contract, agreeing to its Implicit and explicit Terms and Conditions.  The 1st Party's signature, is, therefore, only necessary, in hard or electronic format, as an attestation of the existence of a contract, between us, as might be a requirement of a 3rd Party, such as Treasury or Immigration Service. In such event, if one is not provided, as standard, then request for one will be duly entertained.

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Prof. Dr. R. B. Crawford is the Director of HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute, A Postgraduate-Only Institution. He has the following Qualifications and Affiliations:

Doctor of Philosophy {(PhD) {University College London (UCL) - University of London)};

MEd Management (University of Bath);

Postgraduate (Advanced) Diploma Science Teacher Ed. (University of Bristol);

Postgraduate Certificate in Information Systems (University of West London, formerly Thames Valley University);

Diploma in Doctoral Research Supervision, (University of Wolverhampton);

Teaching Certificate;

Fellow of the Institute of Management Specialists;

Human Resources Specialist, of the Institute of Management Specialists;

Member of the Asian Academy of Management (MAAM);

Member of the International Society of Gesture Studies (MISGS);

Member of the Standing Council for Organisational Symbolism (MSCOS);

Member of ResearchGate;

Executive Member of Academy of Management (AOM). There, his contribution incorporates the judging of competitions, review of journal articles, and guiding the development of conference papers. He also contributes to the Disciplines of:

Human Resources;

Organization and Management Theory;

Organization Development and Change;

Research Methods;

Conflict Management;

Organizational Behavior;

Management Consulting;

Gender & Diversity in Organizations; and

Critical Management Studies.

Professor Dr. Crawford has been an Academic in the following UK Universities:

University of London (Royal Holloway), as Research Tutor;

University of Greenwich (Business School), as Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management;

University of Wolverhampton, (Wolverhampton Business School), as Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management;

London Southbank University (Business School), as Lecturer and Unit Leader.

His responsibilities in these roles included:

Doctoral Research Supervisor;

Admissions Tutor;

Postgraduate and Undergraduate Dissertation Supervisor;

Programme Leader;

Personal Tutor.